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What Do You Do To Overcome a Significant Cultural Issue?

This time Eric addresses what to do in those extreme situations where there are significant or serious cultural issues.

First, we talk about getting by-in and support of leadership for your efforts. It’s hard to imagine overcoming significant issues if there is no support from leadership in the organization. Buy-in also includes getting the operational management of the organization to be on board.

Second, we must have a plan, or a set of goals — even if they are broad and unsophisticated to begin with. A plan of attack is crucial. Need something to act on and it needs to be realistic.

Third, we must be prepared to ask a lot of questions, mine the data and information, and listen to what the stakeholders have to say. It’s very important to make sure you understand what’s really going on. Listening is key to getting to the heart of the matter. Use data and tools that are available to make sure you understand what happened and what can be done to resolve the issue.

Fourth, if you can’t get buy-in, if your plan is not being implemented and you cannot gather data and ask questions then you may have to consider what your options are — and you may have to consider exit as an option when reasonable efforts are thwarted.

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