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Towards a Universal Code of Conduct

This time Eric talks about three components that every code should have to be universally accepted by the organization’s stakeholders. First, the code should apply to everyone, from the top of the organization to those third parties that represent the organization. Second, there should be one code. Organizations that still have regional codes or different codes for different business units need to abandon this practice. Third, seriously consider making your waiver section a NO WAIVER section. If you have provisions you fear may need to be waived, you need to examine why that would be and whether that provision needs to revised or excised from the code.

Eric also talks about two upcoming webinars you can participate in. One, Bullying in the Workplace: A Comprehensive Ethics & Compliance Overview, on October 18th can be registered for here, and a second, Updating Your Code of Conduct: Best Practices, on October 26th, has a registration link here.

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