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Three More Ways to Involve Managers in Compliance and Ethics

In this episode Eric revisits a topic that is front-of-mind for many these days: involving managers in compliance. Eric discusses how research has shown involving the middle can improve concerns around retaliation and positively impact the culture of the organization. One way to better involve the middle is to make sure managers are armed with the knowledge and resources to be a successful conduit for the program. Eric provides some practical ideas on how, and with what, to arm the managers. Eric talks also about involving the managers in specific initiatives or projects and provides some specific examples of projects that can built excitement and engagement. Another way to get managers involved, and invested, is to tie reviews and performance evaluations of managers to their involvement in the program. Eric discusses some specific, objective ways to consider this. As a bonus, Eric also discusses informal communication through managers, a key piece of any program and a significant way managers can be involved. Eric describes some practical considerations for starting a manager communication plan from scratch.

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