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Three Code of Conduct Project Pain Points

Today Eric talks about three common areas he has seen clients experience issues when they undertake to update their code of conduct. First, Eric discusses getting the appropriate buy-in from all the applicable stakeholders. Involving the team and making sure everyone shares the appropriate vision is critical and failure can sometimes derail a project.

Next we discuss apportioning the right project management to make sure that the job gets done and gets done efficiently.

Finally, we discuss proper scoping. Organizations very often underestimate — or fail to estimate at all — what the update to their code will really look like. In our experience there is really very few situations where a simple scope or “lite” review has the results the organization really is looking for. Eric encourages project managers to be realistic about the real scope.

For those interested in code development, and those that might want to get CLE credit or CBB credit, Eric is recording two webinars over the next two months on the topic. For more information follow these links:

Code of Conduct Development: Involving Your Team

Updating Your Code of Conduct: Best Practices

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