A Special Conversation with Ricardo Pellafone

In this episode Eric has a conversation with Ricardo Pellafone, the founder of Broadcat. Eric and Ricardo have a wide-ranging discussion about compliance myths that seem to have a lot of staying power. Including, how having a lot of resources and being very busy does not necessarily equal an “effective” program. As Ricardo paraphrases Hui Chen: “doing more is not better, smarter is better”. They also discuss how compliance really must conform to the same business and effectiveness measures as any other part of the organization. Ricardo also talks about the business case for compliance and Eric talks about some concrete examples of how to make the case. Ricardo and Eric also talk about compliance officers feeling like they should “do it all” and discuss how outside resources can be thoughtfully used. They also talk generally about overstretched resources and multiple roles. Finally, Ricardo asks Eric about taking on the compliance role and they discuss commitment from the organization, “noisy exits” and the options that compliance officers have when things start to go sideways. Join us for a spirited conversation.

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