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What is a Risk-Based Compliance Training Program?

This time Eric discusses what makes a “risk-based” training program. Many organizations are in the thick of getting ready to roll out their training this spring, and it’s a good time to consider what you do to train your stakeholders on compliance risks. We talk about the February 2017 Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs memo from the Fraud Section at the Department of Justice. In particular, we focus on how recent guidance talks about “tailored” training programs, how we must focus on the training program process at the front AND back ends, and Eric also talks a little about the use of data to show effectiveness. All in all, getting to a risk-based training program has some clear goals and steps.

Eric also urges any last-minute participants to join him tomorrow, February 28, 2018, for an informative webinar on code of conduct development from the Clear Law Institute. Get your CLE or CCB credits!!

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