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Reflecting on the SCCE’s Compliance and Ethics Institute

This time Eric reflects on the annual SCCE Compliance and Ethics Institute in Las Vegas.

While there are certainly other compliance and ethics events, the size and scope of the CEI is impressive and we noted three themes this year that apply not to just CEI, but the profession in general.

First, growth — and all that brings — including challenges. What does this mean and how does that apply to the role of compliance?

Second, we face a lot of uncertainty. But while organizations face a lot of regulatory uncertainty, and uncertainty generally, Eric talks about the resolve he sees with organizations moving forward with their compliance programs and their focus on ethical culture.

And finally, Eric talks about change. Changes in the profession abound and that means new expectations and best practices. The makeup of the profession, technological change and new ideas all mean that we have seen, and will continue to see, massive changes.

Eric also talks about the different topics discussed and resources that were on display in Las Vegas. Sessions covered a lot of ground and included a lot of practical information. An example would be several topical sessions on using social media, for example.

Also, we’d like to have you join us for our free webinar on building a risk-based program and you can sign up here.

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