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Disclose, Disclose, Disclose: Some Thoughts on Conflict Disclosures

This time Eric talks through conflicts of interest disclosures. Who do you want to capture, what do you need to tell them, should you use tools? Eric talks through all of this and also spends some time talking about the types of questions you will want to ask in the disclosure questionnaire.

Join Eric and the Clear Law Institute for another addition of his Code of Conduct Development webinar on April 4th 2019 at 1PM ET. You can register for the webinar here.

Small Businesses and Compliance

An important topic that we don’t talk enough about. Just as small businesses make up the vast majority of companies out there, and employ over 50% of the workforce in the USA, they also make up the majority of companies that get in the worst trouble for compliance failures — even though we rarely read about it. Eric talks a little about the pitfalls and issues with small organizations and compliance.

Also, check out our next webinar with our partners at Clear Law Institute on April 4th — you can find out more here.

Benchmarking Your Code or Written Compliance Standards

This time we discuss benchmarking. First we discuss how you might go about determining the peer codes of conduct (or other written compliance standards) that you can use for benchmarking purposes. You probably have a good idea of some peer organizations that might fit, but Eric also discusses some other thoughts about what gets put into the mix. Then we discuss some different areas and criteria you might want to consider when evaluating your written standards and comparing them to other written standards. We talk about content and presentation as well as different, specific content you want to be paying attention to.

Eric also extends a special offer to Compliance Beat listeners this week: send Eric your code and he will review it and discuss it with you and your team on the house. Send inquiries to Eric directly here.

Strategies for Reaching Remote Workers

This time Eric talks about three different areas to focus on when evaluating how you are reaching your remote workers to educate and inform them of the compliance program. Eric discusses use of local and existing resources, what resources should be developed by the compliance function and how technology can be put to use.

Eric is also speaking at SCCE’s Energy and Utilities Conference in Houston on February 11th. Join us there if you can!