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Three Questions to Ask Before You Start Your Compliance Communication Program

This time Eric spends some time talking about some practical considerations for organizations to consider when planning or revising their “informal” compliance communication program. This area of compliance has been changing quite rapidly and expectations are often high. To avoid disappointing results it is important for compliance officers and others charged with communication responsibilities to carefully consider the goals and realities of proposed program.

Perception and Retaliation, Part II

This is the second in a two-part discussion about perception and retaliation. This time we talk about solutions. How can an organization address the lingering perception of retaliation? We spend a few minutes looking at the data and discussing what you might do at your organization to address these issues.

Perception and Retaliation, Part I

This time Eric talks about retaliation. What does retaliation look like in an organization? How does perception of retaliation affect reporting? We spend a few minutes looking at the data and discussing what you should expect at your organization.

Sentencing Commission Confidential – Origins of the Hallmarks

As more and more compliance professionals join the ranks from other disciplines, it’s important that we reinforce the role of the US Sentencing Commission, and maybe even more importantly, the public’s role in defining the compliance and ethics standards all of our programs are based on.

Listen to a short description of what the Sentencing Commission is, and their role in our profession — both past and future.

Also, join Eric for a webinar next week on Thursday, November 7th at 1PM ET: Updating Your Code of Conduct: Best Practices.