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Three Arguments for Compliance (Budget)

This time Eric walks through three different areas to consider when making the case internally for compliance resources or specific compliance initiatives. We discuss three different areas to cover, regulatory or risk issues, empirical data and benchmarking and making the functional business case. Eric provides a few examples and talks about how having a well-rounded argument will help with your stakeholders.

Three Ways To Break Compliance Program Routine

To compliance officers, very often, routine is good. But routine can lead to communication and training fatigue — and an overall program that doesn’t really reach the stakeholders you are trying to speak to. In this episode Eric talks about three different ways you might try to break the normal routine and have more success making a compliance connection with your audience.

Three Tips for Communicating and Training on Complex Compliance Topics

We’re back! After a brisk summer holiday, Compliance Beat returns with a discussion about how to approach complex compliance topic discussions. Eric spends some time talking about using “real world” examples, leading with your organization’s policy and values, and figuring out some ways to get the stakeholders more directly involved — and hopefully invested. Join us for a practical discussion — and as always, contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Three Considerations for Compliance Reporting

This time Eric talks about three inquiries that compliance officers might want to make when considering their internal reporting process and resources. Often organizations spend a good deal of time on tools and other systems for reporting but really should first take a step back and investigate what is going on at the organization currently, how they might leverage local management most efficiently and how informal communication can be brought to bear on the issue of reporting.