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Should We Measure Our Case Management and Reporting System? What Are Some Ways to Measure?

This time Eric discusses case management and reporting benchmarking. First, why is it a good idea to have a plan in place to gauge the effectiveness of this aspect of your compliance program? Eric explores why it’s a good idea to have a business case put together so that you can budget for tools in the first place. We also talk about how “effectiveness” is not a black box and applies to everyone. Expectations include those detailed in the most recent DOJ guidance. Measurement should look at the process you have in place. What’s the plan and how is it followed. Does compliance have access to all relevant data about reporting and case management? How does the program consider data from the cases and reports in making changes and addressing controls? These are all issues that will need to be explored. We also discuss what to look for (or what to be aware of) when looking at reporting data. Trend data and surveys are helpful data sources to consider as well. Resource benchmarking to peers is also something to consider. Check out the SCCE & NYSE CEPE Report to find some of the data mentioned in the podcast that can be helpful for benchmarking reporting and case management resources.

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