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Who Should Be Involved in a Code of Conduct Revision Project?

In this episode Eric delves in a little deeper on a common question: who should be involved in a code of conduct project? Of course this depends a lot on what kind of project is being undertaken. Should you revise internally or bring in an outside team? What resources are available to your organization to conduct the project? Often organizations have the expertise, vision and skills to complete a code project internally — but do they have the time? Eric addresses these common issues that come up with many, many organization’s code projects. Eric also discusses the thought process a team might want to go through when making the call right at the beginning when you are first scoping out such a project. Eric also walks through some of the stakeholder expectations you will want to consider when contemplating a code project. Finally, Eric also talks about goals. Like any successful project, a code of conduct project needs clear goals from the beginning.

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