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DOJ’s New Guidance & Interactive Code of Conduct & Part Two of Our Interview with Alison Taylor

The new Department of Justice‘s guidance, the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs, discusses the “design and accessibility” of written standards, such as your code of conduct.  Does this focus on “design” in particular mean that organizations should reconsider or review the use of interactivity for their code? What does the Department’s focus on “communication” and “evaluation” of written standards affect how an organizations evaluates and implements any interactive features? Eric discusses what the new focus on design and accessibility might mean and how organizations can address these expectations in their code of conduct review, revision and development processes.

Eric also finishes his interview with BSR’s Alison Taylor. Her recent white paper, The Five Levels of Organizational Culture, provides a lot of food for thought on how to implement ethical culture in an organization. She examines five different levels of ethical culture that need to be considered and we walk through the last half of her findings. In this final part of a two part interview, we talk about group socialization, the wider organizational culture and how organizational culture impacts outside the organization.  Alison heads the sustainability management practice at BSR.

To see how an interactive code of conduct works, check out Eric’s demonstration of our sample interactive code of conduct.

You can also download our sample interactive code of conduct on our resource page.

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