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Sentencing Commission Confidential – Origins of the Hallmarks

As more and more compliance professionals join the ranks from other disciplines, it’s important that we reinforce the role of the US Sentencing Commission, and maybe even more importantly, the public’s role in defining the compliance and ethics standards all of our programs are based on.

Listen to a short description of what the Sentencing Commission is, and their role in our profession — both past and future.

Also, join Eric for a webinar next week on Thursday, November 7th at 1PM ET: Updating Your Code of Conduct: Best Practices.

Sentencing Commission Confidential – Sentencing Data on Organizations

There’s not a lot of data out there to tell us how the Department of Justice or other regulators view compliance initiatives, or what expectations really are. We know what the guidance tells us, but what happens in the real world when a company’s compliance program is looked at? We can get some indications from Sentencing Commission data that tells us what happens to those unlucky companies that face a Federal judge for sentencing.

Sentencing Commission Confidential – Personnel

For this episode Eric dives into the commonly conflated terms “substantial authority personnel” and “high-level personnel” that are defined in the Sentencing Guideline standards for an effective compliance and ethics program. Knowing which is which, and what the expectations are for a compliance program, is very important and not often discussed.

Also, check out our upcoming webinar with our friends at the Clear Law Institute, “Updating Your Code of Conduct: Best Practices,” on November 7th at 1PM ET. You can register for the event here.

2019 SCCE Compliance and Ethics Institute Preview

Eric spends a few minutes looking back at CEI’s past — and talking about the threads and new trends in this year’s event. If you are visiting DC this week then come by and see Eric at Booth 106. If not, we hope to see you next time!

“SCCE’s annual Compliance & Ethics Institute is the primary educational and networking event for compliance professionals across all industries around the world. Each year we host more than 1,600 attendees from 40 countries.”

Privacy Bulletin: A Discussion on Privacy Compliance with Teresa Troester-Falk (PART II)

This time Eric is Teresa Troester-Falk to discuss the pending new privacy law from California, potential new laws in several states, and how it relates to GDPR and privacy compliance generally. This is the Second part of a two part conversation. If you haven’t listened to Part I we encourage you to do so.

Teresa is Chief Global Strategist for Nymity where she leads some of Nymity’s key accountability research initiatives and collaborates with other internal leaders to help innovate privacy accountability and compliance solutions and ensure organizational success. Teresa authors Nymity white papers and other publications and regularly speak at conferences, advanced privacy forums and on webinars. Teresa has over 20+years experience in law, including 14+ years as a global privacy professional. Prior to joining Nymity served as Associate General Counsel (Privacy) for Nielsen, where Teresa expanded the global privacy program as well as initiated and led key global and regional privacy and data protection programs and strategies, driving the relationships across internal and external stakeholders to advance the company’s privacy agenda.

Also, please check out Eric’s upcoming webinar with the Clear Law Institute, “What Do Compliance Communication Programs Look Like” on September 12th at 1PM ET. You can register for the webinar here.