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Posts by Eric Morehead

Three Key Components for Compliance Surveys

These days it’s easy to find and use survey tools. While the tools have become more accessible and powerful, there are some steps you are going to want to carefully consider to produce the best results. Eric discusses three areas that he believes can help you design and deliver a more efficient and successful survey…

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Do Small Organizations Really Have Compliance Risk Exposure?

This time we tackle several common misconceptions about regulatory and criminal risks for smaller and growing organizations. We’ll talk about what the Sentencing Commission statistics for organizations really show ( and how smaller and growing organizations really ought to be more mindful of the risks they face. Also, join us for TWO upcoming webinars on…

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A Holiday Present: New DOJ Guidance on FCPA

The US Attorney’s Manual was just updated prior to the holidays, an early present for organizations, and the new guidance codifies what was known as the “FCPA Pilot Program” and provides us a lot of helpful information about compliance expectations from the Department of Justice. Eric spends a few minutes going through the new chapter…

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What Do You Do To Overcome a Significant Cultural Issue?

This time Eric addresses what to do in those extreme situations where there are significant or serious cultural issues. First, we talk about getting by-in and support of leadership for your efforts. It’s hard to imagine overcoming significant issues if there is no support from leadership in the organization. Buy-in also includes getting the operational…

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Is It Good To Be a “Famous” Compliance Officer?

Interesting doings at the Department of Justice, and other recent issues have brought forward the notion of how valuable (or not) is it for an organization’s compliance officer to be “famous” or have a high profile in (or outside) the organization. Compliance officers want to market and communicate about their programs, of course, but what…

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