Three Helpful Compliance Data Points from the US Sentencing Commission

In this episode Eric discusses the upcoming SCCE CEI event in Las Vegas (20th Annual Compliance & Ethics Institute | SCCE Official Site (, and in particular, one of the sessions he will be co-presenting with Kathleen Grilli from the US Sentencing Commission, “Thirty Years of Organizational Sentencing Guidelines: Looking Back and Looking Forward”. In particular, Eric discusses three data points from the USSC’s dataset (Sourcebook 2020 | United States Sentencing Commission ( that could be especially useful for compliance professionals when discussing real-world consequences for compliance failures.

Do We Need a Third-Party or Vendor Code of Conduct?

This time Eric spends a little time discussing why a company might want to have a third-party code of conduct, rather than relying only on their employee code of conduct. We discuss some of the reasons a third-party code is potentially a good idea, who the audience might be and what are some of the topics you might want to cover.